• JET can help solving these issues.

    IssueEADS Technology AdvantageBenefits
    Meet Air Quality Emission ComplianceSO2 compliance - Hi efficiency removal capable of meeting the world's most stringent air quality regulations. Potential for NOx and Particulate Matter polishing.Environmental Air Quality emission excursions minimized to eliminate fines by the EPA and keeps the local power station off the front page of the newpaper, while keeping the local community happy.
    High Operating CostEADS Technology saves more than 35% power consumption and more than 25% operating cost. Almmnium sulfate as the byproduct brings extra profit.Generation of a saleable fertilizer product that produces a revenue stream to offset operating costs for environmental air quality pollution control
    Limited Capital Investment BudgetJET recommends Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, hence no additional capital cost from the plant side is required.Enjoy the operating cost deduction while with almost no capital inverstment required. High ROI.
    Deal with Solids WasteElimination of Solids WasteReduces costly neutralization and land fill costs and eliminates long term risk of wastes that are placed in a landfill.
    Deal with Waste WaterElimination of Waste WaterReduce and eliminate the costly treatment and disposal of waste water.
    Deal with CO2 EmissionsReduction of CO2Eliminating limestone will reduce insitu production of CO2, thus helping with GHG initiatives and possible sales of Carbon Credits to help reduce operating cost to meet air quality regulations
    Limited coal sourcing choicesWith the SO2 removal capabilities of >99% from the EADS process, higher sulfur containing coal can be used.Savings from $5/ton to $20/ton depending upon the coal type and quality